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  • Built:  2002/3 

  • Strata Plan Registered:  24 Apr 2003 

  • Architect:  Cox Richardson 

  • Builder: Australand

  • Levels: 11

  • Apartments: 88 (L1-11)

  • Commercial: 14 suites (Lower Ground, Ground and part L1)

  • Security Parking: 4 split levels (B1-4 upper and lower)

  • Common Areas: Meeting Room, Gymnasium, Garbage Recycling Room?, Entrance Arcade and Foyers

  • Nexus has a joint Building Management Committee (DP1050848) that represents and manages 2 x Strata Schemes

    • SP70012 Residential

    • SP70013 Commercial Suites

  • Electricity: Two electricity supplies service the common areas of the building: foyer lighting, lifts, car park exhaust fans, water pumps, fire service pumps, etc.

  • Gas: Dedicated common Solar Hot Water heating to individual apartments with Gas finishing and backup.  Each Residential apartment has its own Hot Water meter linked to the building gas usage.

  • Air Conditioning: Common water cooled tower provides chilled water to individual apartment fan units.

  • Lifts: Residential: 2 electric (B4-L11).  Commercial: 1 hydraulic (B1-L1)

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